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How We Work.

01. Fact Finding - Getting To Know You

This is the stage where we get to know you. We’ll find out about your business, your business needs & your personal ambitions for the business – a feel for the overall direction in which you wish to push your business forwards is what we’re looking for, as well of course as understanding your overall objective from the project or service.  

Helping us to understand your brand values, highlighting your biggest competitors, discussing ideal demographics, identifying your users’ key tasks and analysing any previous analytics available, along with reviewing currently available resources & assets are some of the ways in which you can help us to help you.

The information we obtain here will shape the strategy we engineer for you.

03. Pushing Forward - The Magic Happens Here

Once we’ve got the final plans & mock-up brief signed off on, we’ll make swift progress and keep you updated with said progress along our pre-defined project timeline.

For ongoing managed services, we’ll have allocated times each week where we touch base keep you in the loop with your overall progress.

This is the part where we get to work…

02. Breaking Ground - Ready... Set... Go!

Based on our findings in the discovery stage, we’ll work out a strategy to suite your exact requirements, achieving your desired goals at set checkpoints with manageable targets for all parties involved. We’ll then present our strategy to you and work together on any improvements you feel you’d like to make, before settling on the final brief.

Ensuring our ideas, designs & objectives match the vision you have in mind is key to a successful campaign & overall project. We’ll take this time to present you with any prototype designs, wireframes & example adverts we’ve created during the initial strategy walk-through.

The project begins!

04. The End Result - We Don't Disappoint.

Providing you with exceptional end results that continue to deliver is our objective each & every time. We achieve this by dedicating time to understanding your business in great detail, and by simply understanding our trade like very few others do.

Upon completion of projects, we communicate clearly in advance & have a refined handover process with exceptional customer satisfaction rate. Where necessary, we can assist with steps being taken before & after launch of various services & products we offer.

Once the project has been successfully handed over, we’ll leave you to it in piece.

If you’re looking to continue things with us a on a recurring basis, we can take care of that too!

What We Need From You.

01. – Clarity       02. – Communication       03. – Patience       04. – Trust
Reputation Sells

Drive your brand, exceed customer expectations, generate engagement

Our methodical digital marketing processes includes every aspect of your overall marketing strategy, ensuring no corner is left untucked or exposed. However big or small your business & marketing ambitions may be – we ensure complete satisfaction.

We’ve designed, built, advertised, written, posted for, photographed & handed over hundreds of projects for a range of industries.

Our friendly team of experts will guide you through the project from start, to finish. Ensuring the best possible end results are achieved.

Some of our projects

Browse below to see some of our most recent projects;

Digital Marketing Refined.

Strategy. Media. Management.

At the core of each project we undertake are our 3 core values. Strategy – having a well-defined strategy to follow is key to staying on track & keeping forward momentum. Media – Engaging, captivating & branded content of all variations is the only way your business is being seen online today. Management – The final ingredient to tie it all together. Correct, careful & consistent management across your platforms is a weakness most businesses aren’t even aware exists.

Convert Digital Traffic to Paying Customers

It’s great having 10,000 visitors to your site every day, but how many of those are purchasing products or services from you? How many of those are simply clicking on & clicking off your website? Do you know the answer? That could be a challenge in itself… Don’t worry, that’s where we come in to help – defining a clear funnel that converts with trackable results is key.

Gain Brand Exposure & Product Awareness

The purpose of digital marketing can vary depending on what your business offers. Regardless of where you are or what your product/service is, one thing that never changes – the positive impact brand exposure can bring to your business. Whether that’s currently available stock, portfolios showcasing services or simply providing value & building a position within your audience as a reputable, knowledgeable & trusted body.

Generate Consistent, Quality & Converting Leads

Not looking to generate sales? But want a steady stream of primed & ready-to-convert leads at the click of a button? We’ve got you covered. With our highly-nurtured & carefully selected leads to suite your ideal demographic – converting them into paying clients paying clients comes naturally.

Let us answer your questions.

Website Design
Website Design

This completely depends on what your requirements are. It takes longer to build a 1000-page mega-site, than a smaller eight-page e-commerce store or even a single landing page. After initial discussions and having a full understanding of the project, we’ll be able to provide accurate time frames.

Yes. As standard we include a clause that upon full payment, the intellectual property (IP) of your website (including domain name) and any content is solely yours. Joint ventures and variations to IP ownership are possible upon request.

In this day & age, you’d have to be insane to sign-off on any website that isn’t mobile & tablet optimised! By the standards of today, a whopping 80%+ of your website traffic will be from mobile or tablet devices – especially when working with social media strategies.

Optimising your web pages is a must, and we do that here at XC Agency. All our website includes professional optimisation & design where required, giving you that aesthetically pleasing website design from any device.

Paid Advertisement
Paid Advertisement

Paid advertisement is the use of applications & platforms to run a range of adverts with varying objectives.

Depending on your overall marketing strategy & objectives, these can consist of; driving traffic to your website, generating high quality leads, generating increased revenue & sales through E-Commerce stores, bringing brand exposure to your business or drawing awareness to products, stock or services that you offer. But… this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

The platforms in which we specialise are;

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Ads (PPC)
  • YouTube Ads

Absolutely 100% without a doubt. Not only can paid advertisement deliver you fast results for a range of objectives, it also naturally grows your social followings & organic site traffic which yields much bigger long-term positive effects.

  • Scalable
  • Measurable
  • Flexible to your industry
  • See instant results
  • Appears on SERPs
  • Engages with your targeted demographic
  • Converts cold traffic
  • Complementary to other marketing channels
  • Competition is using it

SEO is the process optimising your website or landing page to rank higher on search engines.

This optimisation comes in the form of various practices & tools used to achieve the best results for your website, conforming with over 200 SEO ranking factors & algorithms, given relevant keyboard & phrases, and of course, the desired outcome from the project/service.

Yes, your business should be investing in SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation offers you an organic way of appearing higher up in the search results for given keywords, phrases & even locations. In comparison to PPC or other paid advertisement, this is essentially directing ‘free’ traffic to your website.

Google have personally answered this one for you, they say that in most cases SEO can take between 4 months to a year to help your business first implement improvements, and then see potential benefit.

We like to set expectations around the 6 – 8 month mark.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Content marketing is the strategic process of producing useful, relevant, and valuable content for your target audience, which generally includes both current & prospective customers. This builds invaluable relationships with your target audiences and is the point where you craft the stories and messages that capture people’s attention, guiding them along your consumer journey until they become another happy customer.

Most content marketing strategies include written, video, or image-based content, and many incorporate all three forms seamlessly.

While it can help towards boosting your company’s sales, content marketing isn’t focused on sales and doesn’t come across as spam. Instead, it focuses on adding value for the reader while positioning your business as a helpful, knowledgeable, or reputable partner.

Every business will have a different marketing strategy, therefor there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer for this. In essence, it should be viewed as a single piece to a much bigger overall marketing strategy.

Some of the most commons ways we integrate Content Marketing are;

– Driving traffic to key web/landing pages

– Spreading brand awareness

– Building meaningful relationships

– Generating revenue

– Generating social shares and backlinks

These two forms of marketing aren’t the same, but many businesses integrate their content marketing with their social media marketing strategy. This combination helps brands ensure that they’re optimizing their marketing efforts & ensuring a same page approach.

While content marketing combines written, graphic, and video material that can live on your website, or any number of other digital or physical placements in which your business utilizes within its marketing strategy. Social media marketing takes place strictly on social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Social Media
Social Media

Here’s where the difference between quality and quantity becomes obvious. Posting frequently where you’re asking people to follow you or to bring in more followers is obviously not going to work. Buying followers might sound like an enticing solution too, but it’s not a viable one if you intend to use your following for anything other than vanity figures. Paid followers aren’t particularly known for engaging with content, and quite simply mess up your viewer algorithm.


You can drive engagement by delivering high-quality content to the right people at the right time, consistently over a period of time. Creative and unique content will do more than just that – It can also determine your follower demographic, who share it with their family members, friends or professional contacts. If done correctly, this turns into a snowball effect with your entire platform, including engagement & follower count benefitting from this growth.

If only it was this simple, our lives could be much simpler too! Unfortunately for all of us, each platform has its own characteristic, native demographics, audience sizes and most importantly, algorithms.

Ensuring your pleasing each platform is key to achieving the best results from each one organically. Having this as the core foundations of your strategy, and more so your business practices can hugely benefit your business.

This isn’t to say you can’t use the same content & copy across all of your platform posts, but simply selecting built in features to auto-post to multiple platforms looks cheap & lazy. Altering hashtags for platforms, removing on those they’re not relevant to, amending content size & crop and URL shortening or relocating are amongst just a few tweaks we often make when posting across multiple platforms.

After selecting the right platforms and planning your campaigns, you should decide what KPI’s to check in order to determine the ROI. Choosing the correct KPI’s will depend on your business type and the purpose in which you want Social Media to serve for your business.

It’s important to remember that return from social media isn’t to be measured only in sales. The business exposure, popularity, overall awareness and customer loyalty you truly gain from social media is immeasurable. That’s where having your eye on the right metrics comes in to play on allowing you to see what matters most to your business, ultimately enabling you to profit more, or directly profiting in sales.  

Social Media ROI = (Return from social media – cost of social media marketing) / cost of social media marketing

Using this formula, you can determine how results compare to your initial goals. It’s best to look at as many metrics as possible, so that you’re not blindly drawn to a single figure.

Content Creation
Content Creation

Content creation is a very general and loosely used phrase. We refer to it as the physical creation or manipulation of any form of digital content. This can be a video, photo, GIFF, infographic, animation or another form of digital media in which you require creating.  

With any form of content creation, this will be addressed during the initial discussion & planning. We can provide the files in a range of formats to suite your needs & similarly can deliver them digitally, physically or a hybrid of both if required.

Yes, stand-alone content creation is limited to professional photography & videography services. This is available based on an hourly rate.

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