The Challenge

When meeting AP Automotive several years ago, they quickly displayed their specialist skills and attention to detail. Coupled with a profound knowledge of their products, the only thing missing was the influx of performance cars.

Alongside the workshop, servicing & tuning aspect of the business, AP were looking to expand on their website and incorporate a fully integrated E-commerce store solution. 

Having already attempted a store previously with little traction, we started out with 2 different domains, thousands upon thousands of un-categorised products, and no core file structure. 

Our Strategy

The plan was simple, salvage the 2 or 3 items that could be utilised on the new website, scrap everything else, and set to work on building a brand-new stylish web store. 

Once the website was complete, we could then start to direct traffic with high-quality images of the impeccable work AP Automotive carry out day-in, day-out. With this new stream of traffic flowing to our targeted audience, it’s a matter of time & minor adjustments before traffic converts to paying customers. 

  • SEO Core Web Structure
  • New E-Commerce Website
  • Concentrated Local SEO
  • Frequent Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising

The Solution

We began by redesigning the website’s framework, providing a solid foundation for future marketing endeavours.

Merging two domains and separate websites into a single e-commerce site, our slick and modern design features a host of products engineered in a custom built data format that makes it easy to upload products individually or in bulk.

The product page has been engineered to adapt itself to a range of products, including simple products, variable products, multi-variant products and custom entry products, as well as a host of others. Complete customisation and room for growth was our aim; no ‘off-the-shelf’ solution would be suitable for this collection of unique, non-uniform products.

Alongside hosting an impressive catalog of products from brands such as Milltek, Eventuri and Racingline Performance, the AP Automotive website also showcases the full range of services offered in great detail.

Coupled with a selection of eye catching work utilising our premium quality content creation, maximum exposure is drawn to the their full business offerings throughout the website.

Complimenting the flash new website, we have multiple streams of traffic being driven through paid advertising platforms, organic social media, and various SEO strategies. Each of these channels delivers a consistent flow of traffic to strategic pages and products.

Final Thoughts

Overall the proejct was a huge success. We delivered AP Automotive a mutli-purpose website with a modern e-commerce solution, with room to exapnd indefinitely.

Our relationship and partnership with AP has progressively expanded over the years with the addition of search engine optimisation campaigns, increased paid ad spend and further responsibilities.

Firmly establishing ourselves as AP Automotive’s ‘in-house’ marketing team, we’ve helped the company establish itself as an industry leader in automotive technical and performance centers.