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If you want to create a powerful campaign, you need to start with a great idea. That’s where our team of writers come in. XC Agency has the expertise and vision to build your strategy around a big idea and turn it into words.

Our content marketing campaigns will drive traffic to your website, increase leads, and build relationships with your customers.

Website Copy & Blogs

Producing exceptional quality content is the most tried and tested method of attracting visitors and potential customers to interact online today. Organically based and built purely off their interests. Well written copy can also qualify potential customers & leads. Posts for blogs, social media and websites all provide a further insight into your company ethos and overall business message. 

We spend time getting to know you and your business. Experienced in a range of industries, our copywriters make sure every piece of content we produce is engaging and effective. XC Agency provide both consultancy and in-house copywriting services for projects of all sizes.

Emails & Newsletters

Creating precise and on-brand creatives to aid your content development efforts. We help you leverage email marketing & newsletter follow-ups as part of your content marketing strategy to build and nurture leads, and cultivate customer loyalty. 

Email enables your customers to consistently engage with you and your products, whilst also granting you access to invaluable data based on their digital behavior. Few other strategies compare in keeping the conversation going between you and your audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Content Marketing

With the right strategy in place, you can use content marketing to generate a steady stream of new leads for your business. While most brands offer content like blog posts, articles, and videos free of charge, they also create high-level content, such as white papers, case studies, and eBooks to serve as lead magnets. Then they require readers to opt in to a mailing list before gaining access to the high-level content.

Once you’ve gained permission to email interested customers, you can introduce fresh new leads to your sales funnel. As your leads discover and engage with your other content & marketing efforts, they may convert from potential to current customers.

There are 4 key areas to cover when getting started with content marketing:

Strategy – What is the purpose of this marketing avenue? What topics are you going to focus most heavily on?

Engagement channels/methods – Your content won’t magically make people engage with it. Are you sharing it on social media? SEO? Hosting webinars? Driving traffic with paid ads? 

Content creation – It’s super easy to create poor quality content. Not so easy to create good content. Do you want to be the business who sets the ‘we can’t produce quality’ tone from the get go?

Analytics – You got it. You’ll want to measure how your content is doing; good, bad, and the ugly.

It’s not quite as simple as writing a short blog & away you go, if you want it to work efficiently anyway. That’s where XC agency come in – with a well though out strategy & ample experience, we integrate your content marketing just like any other ordinary marketing task, with effective results!

SEO is inherently coupled with content marketing.  Along with satisfying the search engines themselves, having a well mapped out website full of proven-to-be-useful content & an abundance of relative traffic utilising this content is invaluable for SEO. Having content that targets users’ intent also helps to narrow down & forcibly drive potential customers through your funnel.

Depending on the size of a given SEO strategy, content marketing may even already have a fundamental place within your marketing plan to achieve projected or desired results.

Yes, every digital marketing strategy should have a content marketing component. Content marketing is the only proven SEO tactic that has remained effective throughout all search engine algorithm changes & generations.

Quality content means content that satisfies the intent of the content viewer. Re-read that and let it sink in. This requires a lot of empathy, thoughtfulness, and analysis. Quality content isn’t something that can be thrown together in minutes, or even hours unless you’re experienced.

Quality takes time & experience, along with a host of changes along the way to achieve the best results.

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