Professional, Consistent & Calculated Social Media

Managing Social Media platforms effectively, whilst returning efficient results requires a clear strategy, unwavering consistency and an abundance of creativity.

Whether you want to reach consumers organically, or through hyper targeted paid advertisement, we create tailored strategies and eye-catching content that delivers your message directly into your audience’s feed.

Consistency builds brand reputation and helps to organically grow your reach.

Our Strategy

Nothing engages users more than high-quality content. Building strategic content plans around your chosen campaign objectives yields huge results every time.

Our strategy is to deliver what our audience wants to see. We want to provide an end result that’s consistent with their expectations and in line with the premium brand and message we’ve created.

From here, its a simple case of inserting your key business targets, building engagement & staying consistent with up-to-date social practices in delivery, whilst broadcasting a premium business message. 

What Is It We Do?

We follow a simple set of ground rules when it comes to social media – giving you a simple yet effective core social structure, catered for & engineered to work with your chosen platforms.

Copy Writing
Post Scheduling
Inbox Monitoring
Platform Monitoring
Audience Engagement
Store Management

This is just the beginning. Paid advertisement takes these basic principles & practices, then amplifies them beyond your wildest imagination.

Understanding Platforms

The final ingredient to successful social media? Selecting the right platform to deliver your message on. In a time where almost everyone you know uses social media, with so many different platforms available – how do you know which is the right one to use for your business?

XC.Agency is a creative agency with a wealth of experience across a range of platforms. Selecting the platforms for your business is simple with the right knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions
Social Media

Social media can be overwhelming, with too many posts to write, graphics to create and share, and tasks that seem impossible to complete. We help you manage your social media efforts so you can focus solely on your business.

We help by taking control of all your social media tasks; We plan, write, and manage your social media efforts, keeping your accounts up to date and helping you publish the right content, at the right times. We’re the social media experts you need. Complete management without the thought or worry of ever having to post again.

We can take on as many tasks, or as little as you’d like. Depending on the overall complexity of your strategy, and of course your own time.

In a sense, there’s no “one size fits all” answer, and the final result depends on your specific goals, as well as the nature of your social media presence. Our social media management services typically consist of:

  • Post scheduling
  • Story posting
  • Identifying key posting times
  • Content management: Copy writing, imagery, videos
  • Inbox monitoring
  • Responding to comments and feedback
  • Monitoring analytics and insights
  • Content calendar organisation
  • Post plan creation
  • Follower vetting

The specifics of each service vary depending on what your brand wants from social media, and the budget you’re allocating to achieve your given objectives.

During the first few weeks of your initial campaigns, we’ll work closely with you to understand the ethos & inner workings of your business. Understanding your brands voice, style & other digital related decisions is our aim. As part of this, we will send regular post plan documents prior to posting for ‘approval’. At this stage, we recommend adding your own minor tweaks to the documents to enable us to direct insight into your brand. Discussions will be held later on in your campaign as to whether you wish for this to continue long-term.  

For communications & engagement we will post in real time and keep pace with the online community. Of course, constant communications are held with all of our clients – we’re only a message away should you want a comment amending, post removing or story content changing.

Contrary to popular belief, we believe negative comments are in-fact a fantastic way to show your true business personality – with an extra dose of sarcasm for the people!

“Kill them with kindness” is a popular phrase when it comes to negativity & online trolls in general. Replying to comments with complete professionalism, providing value and of course, that all important wittiness for the viewers entertainment. Providing value right through to the end is a subtle but effective way of showing perspective customers what they’re going to be delivered with.

By responding to the comment & not simply deleting it, like many businesses do with negative comments, shows true belief in your structure & service. If you’re not concerned about maybe 2 or 3 negative comments throughout your entire page, you’re unlikely to have more lurking. If your page is spotless… that’s too perfect, you’re clearly hiding something… now the imagination runs wild with reasons.

Not to be forgotten, warranted negativity or criticism should also be left public & responded to. This shows your potential customers that although things may not always go as planned, you’re not going to leave them high & dry with a bad tale to tell.

There’s no set answer for this. Although, the overall post count shouldn’t be your primary concern. We’ll work with you to understand your business objectives & provide insight and knowledge as to how we believe is best to achieve these. 

Each campaign objective is different, as are each businesses individual requirements. Some brands need their profiles to look super active, and others need strategically placed posts to ad their audience in seeing overall. As such, the level of posting is different for each business.

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